how i became the sea

Sara. 21. New Jersey. Voice student at Westminster Choir College.

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I don’t want people to matter to me too much. Sometimes it hurts too much to think about them. Ones you love who don’t love you, ones who are dead or hate you, ones who you think about but never get to be with. I like people but when I get too close, it fucks me up and I can’t get things done.

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.


things i need to do:

  • clean my room
  • get a college degree
  • learn how to have healthy relationships

things i want to do:
  • play with puppies and kittens
  • find someone cute to cuddle and make out with
  • drive to the ocean

things i actually am doing:
  • taking subpar selfies
  • running a semi successful blog
  • listening to sad songs and watching too much netflix

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Ahh the sweet smell of being replaced

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Not everyone who comes into your life, came wanting to stay. Same way that not everyone that’s gone, wanted to leave.



The Holy Trinity 2012/2013/2014

2014 looks like we’re all very happy to be in a nice jail cell


walk into the club like


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